Caught on camera - the trailer that shed its load near the BP garage on the A10 at Ely

A 10 tractor spills its load

A 10 tractor spills its load - Credit: Archant

Another tractor and trailer has shed its load on the A10 near the BP garage at Ely.

The incident was spotted by near neighbour Andrew House who also took this photograph.

“Nothing tipping over this time but it was a shed load spilt,” he said.

“I first became aware of something blocking the A10 whilst driving back from West Fen Road along the A10.

“After a while of not moving, I managed to turn around and cut back up West Fen Road and back through the estate to where I live.

“Once home, my curiosity got the better of me and so I walked around to the BP roundabout and saw what had happened.”

Mr House said by the time he arrived “a digger had already been deployed

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and was shovelling the load back into the tractor’s trailer.

“Meanwhile the police were being very helpful in directing the traffic whilst the clean up operation took place.

“According to the kindly policeman in the picture, the rear ‘door’ on the tractor’s trailer came undone and emptied it’s contents (I’m not sure what it was) across the busy A10 at around 10.45am on Saturday

This resulted in traffic queuing back to and around the BP roundabout and back down the A10 “towards the West Fen turning.”

* In August a trailer tipped over near to the BP garage on the outskirts of the city and at its junction with the A142. It caused traffic delays for sometime.