Castle day adventure brings history to life for students at Acremont

Castle day brings history to life at King's Ely Acremont

Castle day brings history to life at King's Ely Acremont - Credit: Archant

Children at King’s Ely Acremont kick-started the new school year with a medieval adventure last week.

Year Two students spent a day immersed in life in a castle as an inspirational start to their Turrets and Tiaras topic.

The event saw people dress in medieval costume and the school hall was transformed into a medieval castle and, as the story of the imminent threat from Lord Robert and his army unfolded, the children were invited to learn some new skills, including: mixing their own ink to write messages, making soap, weaving and spinning threads, leatherwork, candle making, and creating clay gargoyles.

Some children also chose to join Lord Philip in defending the castle and learnt to use their bows, shields and staffs in battle.

The adventure concluded with a celebratory feast where children became jesters, singers and dancers to entertain the guests at the banquet before a jousting competition ended the event.

Jonathon Willcocks, head of King’s Ely Acremont, said: “Learning at King’s Ely Acremont is always an adventure.

“The children had a fantastic time and enjoyed every second of their exciting day.”