Romanian health workers holding Easter celebration fined for breaching coronavirus restrictions

A group of friends who live in Pratt Street, Soham, flouted coronavirus lockdown rules by putting up

A group of friends who live in Pratt Street, Soham, flouted coronavirus lockdown rules by putting up a “huge gazebo” and holding a garden party to celebrate Easter - before incriminating themselves by tagging each other in photos on Facebook. This picture was uploaded by one of the guests on social media. Picture: FACEBOOK - Credit: Facebook

Twelve Romanian friends, living and working in the Fens – some of them as carers – broke coronavirus restrictions by holding an Easter celebration lunch.

After photos of the garden party in Pratt Street, Soham began to circulate on social media, residents called police who shut the party down.

Police handed out four fines, but by the time they arrived the rest of the guests had fled over a garden fence.

Unhappy with the outcome of his celebration, the party organiser vented his anger on the Soham Debate Facebook page.

“To all my neighbours who send the police to the home and ruined my Easter dinner I want to thank them” he wrote.

But one resident said: “We are all in lockdown, it’s not fair. They even put up a huge gazebo!”

The organiser hit back at critics, telling them they were “all stupid and ignorant” and added he was working for the NHS.

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Another guest posted a message asking “what is wrong with you people? There was no party and everyone you saw at that ‘gathering’ are all working together every day on the ‘frontline and are one of those you keep clapping your hands to.

“They haven’t put anyone at risk; they didn’t meet with anybody outside their daily routine which they have do because of their jobs.”

The guest added: “There’s nothing they should be ashamed of.

“All of you who started insulting should be ashamed for talking not knowing what was going on.

“I would like to thank you to the police officers coming there for being so nice and realising that there was nothing wrong there”.

“I don’t see you people encouraging your elders who walk down streets every day and go in front of Co-op to have chats.

“Where is your fairness then? And to all of you that were sending threats in private, I will take all to court.”

Police have since issued advice on the Facebook page Policing East Cambridgeshire.

In a post they wrote: “It’s important to remember we should not be meeting up with friends, family or even colleagues outside of work.

“#HelpUsHelpYou #StayHomeSaveLives.”

It comes as Cambridgeshire residents are being urged to report breaches of the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions online.

Cambridgeshire Constabulary said the new online form can be used to report individuals and businesses, with people asked not to call 999 to do so.

The new web page also provides further information on the restrictions.