Care home worker crashed her car through a wall

DRUNKEN Jill Warrell crashed her car through a wall and into a bedroom of the care home where she worked, magistrates were told this week.

And after her arrest, Warrell took a bottle of vodka from the vehicle, and hid it in a bin at a police station.

The accident happened at the end of Warrell’s working day at the Hilton Park Care Centre in Bottisham; she had consumed a couple of glasses of wine before returning to the silver Volvo C70.

Prosecutor Paul Brown said: “She reversed into the care home, crashing through the wall and into a bedroom.

“Other members of staff went to investigate and saw her in the driver’s seat. There was a bottle of alcohol in the front footwell, she tried to conceal it.

“She was helped out of the vehicle; she picked up the bottle and placed it in her handbag. At Parkside police station she went straight into the toilets, it was checked and officers founds a vodka bottle in a bin.”

Warrell gave a breath test reading more than double the legal alcohol limit; she had a previous drink driving offence from eight years ago.

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Before the accident, the care home team leader had been under pressure, and used alcohol as a crutch, her solicitor Gill McGivern explained at Ely courthouse.

“She had found herself going home and worrying if staff had done their job properly,” she added. “As a result, her job pressure increased.

“She admits that as a result, she used alcohol a crutch, and she has had a heck of a shock.”

Warrell, 52, of Dullingham Ley, Dullingam, admitted driving when unfit through drink.

She told police she had couple of glasses of wine after work that day, and had decided not to drive home. Instead, she had gone to her car to collect her handbag, she said the keys were in the ignition because she had used the vehicle at lunchtime.

Mr Brown said: “While in the driver’s seat, she says she leaned over and the car went into reverse, it went backwards into the building.”

Warrell had been working at the care home for two years, said Ms McGivern. She is now drinking less.

The court gave Warrell a 42 month driving ban and fined her �100 with �130 costs and a �15 surcharge.