Pandemic time capsule not to be dug up until 2046

The capsule will be dug up and reopened on 31st August 2046

The capsule will be dug up and reopened on August 31, 2046, where it is hoped that many of the people involved in its contents will still be part of the Askham community. - Credit: Askham

A care and rehab community buried a time capsule in its grounds that contains items and stories from the coronavirus pandemic. 

Askham Village Community at Doddington says it will allow people in 2046 to acknowledge and reflect on a challenging period for the social care sector. 

The air-tight container capsule was filled with items, pictures, and pieces of reflective writing about the last 18 months from members of staff, residents, and their relatives. 

Arranged by Keren Loxley, who is lead nurse at Askham Hall, more than 40 members of the Askham community gathered to watch the time capsule being buried on the site of the original Askham House. 

The capsule included a photo album with pictures of individuals associated with Askham who passed away during the pandemic. 

Newspaper clippings of success stories during the period were also included serving to give an insight into the care environment of the time. 

Keren said: “One of my children brought home a yearly scrapbook on the pandemic. 

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“It got me thinking of how we could help summarise and reflect on the past 18 months, and it just evolved from there.”