Car turned over when its driver took his eye off the road

FOOTBALLER William Lines tipped his father’s car on to its side outside Sutton Church, after he took his eye of the road, searching for his tobacco.

Lines was in a hurry and on his way to a football game when the accident happened, he told Ely magistrates.

“As I came round the corner I looked down to grab my tobacco, I know I was completely wrong,” the 20-year-old apologised to the court.

“As I looked up, I realised I should have been turning more, I put the full lock on to the left, but the tyre hit the grass verge, the car turned over on its side. I wanted to get to football, that is what I was rushing for.”

Lines, of Elizabeth Court, Sutton, admitted driving his father’s Toyota Hilux without due care and attention on September 12.

Prosecuting, Paul Brown said: “As the vehicle went round the corner, Lines lost control of the vehicle, and mounted the small grass verge under the church wall.

“The vehicle grazed the church wall and as a result it tipped over and ended up lying on its nearside in the road, facing towards the church.

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“People tried to attempted to put the vehicle back on its wheels before the police arrived, using a rope or chain.”

Fining Lines �60, presiding magistrate Sue Thompson said: “This was a stupid momentary lapse of attention, due to your lack of experience, you were not used to your father’s vehicle.” He must pay �70 costs and a �15 surcharge, and four points were put on his licence.