Campaigners hail decision to reduce speed limit at busy Little Thetford junction

CUTTING the speed limit on a busy stretch of the A10 has been welcomed by campaigners.

The county council is to reduce the speed limit on a half-mile stretch of the road at Little Thetford to 50mph. It follows a campaign by villagers and county councillor Bill Hunt.

Cllr Hunt said: “In light of an accident on that stretch of road involving a student from Witchford Village College I suggested that a half-mile stretch at Little Thetford was reduced to 50mph which I believe will help make the junction safer.

“Although it is not the perfect solution for the village, I believe it is a good compromise that is a real example of local democracy in action.”

A half-mile stretch of road from the A14 interchange at Milton near Cambridge to north of the so-called Slap Up Junction at Waterbeach at will also be reduced to 50mph as part of the changes.

The campaign to improve safety at the Little Thetford junction gathered pace following an accident in July 2011 when a 15-year-old student suffered serious injuries while trying to cross the road to catch a bus.

A spokesman for the county council said the authority was in the final stages of organising the appropriate signage for the change and added that it was expected to be introduced within the next couple of months.

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In January, the county council proposed reducing the speed limit on a 15-mile stretch of the road between Ely and Cambridge but the proposal was quickly scrapped following dozens of complaints.