Cambs fire-fighters dealing with 40 hoax calls a month

FIRE-FIGHTERS in Cambridgeshire say lives are being put at risk by hoax callers, with the service having to deal with about 40 prank calls every month.

The service says the number of hoax calls made tends to peak during the summer and can often be as a result of children goading each other into making calls.

Brett Mills, watch manager at Ely Fire Station said: “Hoax calls divert the emergency services away from people who may be in life threatening situations and who may need urgent help.

“This can be the difference between life and death for someone in need of our help.

Any person who makes a hoax call is breaking the law. They can be taken to court and may face a fine of up to �5,000 and be sent to prison for six months.”

Mr Mills added that all calls to the service were recorded and that the telephone numbers used in hoax calls would be handed to police.

He said: “It only takes a few seconds for the operator to find out the address of where the call is being made from and this information is passed to the police, if the call is confirmed as a hoax.

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“A mobile phone used to make a hoax call can be permanently blocked or disabled.”