Cambs chef teamed up with Denise Van Outen to feed Diana Ross

Denise Van Outen and Tristan Welch in chef gear with utelsils.

Tristan Welch was in the back of a taxi when he received the call. - Credit: Festival PR and Communications

A chef from Cambridgeshire was given just an hour's notice that he would be preparing a meal for famous American singer Diana Ross.

Ross was the lead singer for the Supremes in the 1960s, and is known for hits such as Baby Love, Stop! In the Name of Love and Upside Down.

Tristan Welch, from Cambridge restaurant Parker’s Tavern, came to the rescue when he was told that the Cambridge Club Festival headliner was unable to get the food she craved most.

The chef happened to be already making his journey to the festival, in the back of a taxi, where he quickly scribbled down the menu and diverted to his kitchen for supplies.

Backstage at the festival, the chef - who also spends time on TV - teamed up with his friend, presenter and actress Denise Van Outen, to produce the meal.

Gilbert Homes, executive head chef at The Ned, was also roped in assist.

The team's final menu included a heirloom tomato and chervil salad, a Caesar salad, steak with sauté new potatoes and tender stem broccoli, and lemon sole with samphire and nut brown butter.

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Following his heroic antics, Tristan Welch said: "When I got the call to come to the rescue and cook for Diana Ross I said to myself 'stop in the name of food!!'

"I couldn’t let her go hungry!"

Denise Van Outen added: "When I heard Miss Ross needed feeding I knew there ain't no mountain high enough, I had to get there to feed my idol.

"How many people can stay they have cooked for such an icon?"