Drink driver reported after village crash

Fordham crash

Crash at Fordham last Saturday. The driver was reported for drink driving and not wearing a seatbelt. - Credit: Policing East Cambs

A driver was  reported for drink driving after a crash in Fordham on Saturday.  

The incident was attended by special constables who were pulled in from another part of the district.

The driver was injured and therefore not arrested but taken to hospital. He was later reported to the court for the offences.

A police spokesman  said the driver had also been reported for not wearing a seatbelt. 

“It was attended by special constables who were out on an operation in the south of the county aimed at tackling road offences,” said the spokesman. 
“As well as dealing with the two-car collision, they also reported a motorist at the traffic lights outside Ely Police Station for not wearing a seatbelt and another for speeding” 

The previous weekend Cambridgeshire Police had taken part in #SpecialsWeekend. 

“Specials Weekend is a national event where volunteer officers are seen out and about to showcase the vital support they provide to regular officers,” said the spokesman.  

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Over the weekend that covered areas including Alconbury, Ely, and Buckden, and dealt with the following... 

16 x Speeding offences 

7 x Not wearing a seatbelt 

2 x Failing to stop at a red light 

1 x Using a mobile phone while driving 

1 x Driving without due care and attention 

1 x Driving without reasonable consideration to others 

1 x Driving without a licence 

1 x Driving without insurance 

One of my team has seen you’ve covered the Fordham drink drive/RTC incident online, however the driver was not arrested.

Please could you amend this for us – he was injured therefore not arrested but taken to hospital, then later reported to the courts for the offences.