Council offers Afghan refugees a 'city of sanctuary'

Cambridge City Council has said it will welcome Afghan refugees when needed.

Cambridge City Council has said it will welcome Afghan refugees when needed. - Credit: PA

Cambridge City Council is "committed" to supporting refugees and "exploring every route available" to help resettle some of the 20,000 refugees from Afghanistan.

Cllr Alex Collis, executive councillor for open spaces, sustainable food and community wellbeing, said: “We have a strong record of welcoming refugees to Cambridge over a number of years and we have worked with the Home Office to resettle Syrian refugee families.

“Along with other councils, our offer is to extend that welcome to Afghan refugees.

"We will work closely with our partners, as we have done before, to ensure Cambridge is a city of sanctuary."

He added that next steps will depend on the detailed scheme being developed by the Home Office.

"Our biggest challenge is housing and we are looking at what we can deliver ourselves and how we can use our expertise to work with others.”