Sky is the limit for new aerial photography business

Turners of Soham, as seen from the air.

Turners of Soham, as seen from the air. - Credit: Archant

A new photography and filming business has launched in Soham and will make use of the latest technology to take to the skies.

Sky Revolutions was founded Ben Gorham after he spotted a gap in the market for affordable aerial surveying and photography.

Mr Gorham will be using drones, or unmanned aerial systems, to capture a unique angle for filming and survey work.

Mr Gordham said: “Usually if a person required aerial footage they would need to hire an aerial photographer, a helicopter or plane and a pilot to fly it or else a scissor lift or cherry picker.

“Not only are aerial surveys much less expensive than hiring a plane or helicopter but they also eliminate health and safety risks associated with working at height. They are also quicker to deploy and much more manoeuvrable, allowing them to get closer to the action and capture more accurate shots.”

The footage can be viewed from the ground in real time using a video downlink so that the pilot and the customer can see exactly what the is seeing.

Having received Civil Aviation Authority permission for aerial work, Sky Revolutions is now up and running.

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