Pymoor’s Corkers crisps set to launch new vegetable variety

Corkers' directors, Ross Taylor and Rod Garnham.

Corkers' directors, Ross Taylor and Rod Garnham. - Credit: Archant

Pymoor-based crisp company Corkers has invested more than a £1million in a new range of vegetable crisps.

Launched four years ago, the company has seen its more traditional potato variety of crisp soar in popularity and owners Rod Garnham and Ross Taylor say they have spotted a gap in the market for home grown vegetable crisps.

The duo have purchased a specialist vegetable fryer and are set to launch a new mixed vegetable variety, made using veg grown in the Fens, in the coming months.

Corkers regular varieties are made using potatoes grown in Little Downham and Pymoor.

Mr Taylor, co-founder of Corkers, said: “Potatoes have been our bread and butter since the 1800s, however it has been exciting expanding our farming knowledge and techniques.

“We’ve been trading in the UK for four years now and have identified a gap in the market for high quality, hand cooked and home produced vegetable crisps, which is exactly why we’re launching the new range.

“As with the successful range of potato crisps, the ethos will remain the same and the beetroot, carrot and parsnip are being grown in the black, peaty fenland soil of Cambridgeshire, which help give the crisps a unique crunch and makes them perfect for frying.

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“Sweet potato is being carefully sourced from an American family farm with the same farming beliefs, due to sweet potato not growing in the UK climate.”