Have Your Say and Win �1,000

Entering is easy, and everyone who completes the survey by visiting www.mymoney24.co.uk will be entered into a draw to win �1,000 – a welcome boost at such a challenging time for so many of us.

Have your say and win �1,000

Recognise the best providers — and possibly win some cash — in our consumer survey says Adam Aiken.

A CHEQUE for �1,000 could be on its way to you if you take part in this year’s MyMoney24 consumer survey.

Run in conjunction with leading financial data providers Moneyfacts.co.uk, our simple survey gives you the opportunity to have your say about which financial providers offer the best service.

Whether you have enjoyed exemplary service from your current account provider or have been impressed with how your travel insurance provider dealt with a claim, here is your chance to give them the kudos you think they deserve.

The financial services industry has had a bit of a battering in recent years – and that criticism has been, on the whole, richly deserved.

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Irresponsible lending helped create the economic crisis we are still in; the payment protection insurance scandal was just the latest controversy to engulf the industry; and the apparent failure by banks to give sufficient support to struggling customers despite having benefitted from massive taxpayer bailouts continues to hit a nerve with many people.

Yet it’s because of these things, not despite them, that it is even more important to give praise where it’s due – and to reward those providers that offer both good products and first-class service.

Moneyfacts is the country’s leading financial-data provider, and its experts have scoured the market to find the best products in various categories.

These shortlists have been drawn up based products technical merits – in other words, taking into account issues such as the most competitive rates, the best cover and the lowest fees.

But as consumers regularly point out, that is only half the story. Having a good product is all very well, but if the accompanying customer service is rubbish, it can be a real turn-off for customers.

So now is your chance to look at the Moneyfacts shortlist and decide which of the providers have treated you well. It gives you the perfect opportunity to have a say on the financial products that are important to you, whether that be a credit card, an Isa or pet insurance.

Entering is easy, and everyone who completes the survey by visiting www.mymoney24.co.uk will be entered into a draw to win �1,000 – a welcome boost at such a challenging time for so many of us.

The categories include best pet insurance provider; best car insurance provider; best health care provider; best travel insurance provider; best travel money provider; best prepaid currency card; best home insurance provider; best energy provider; first-time mortgage buyers’ choice; best high-street mortgage provider; remortgage buyers’ choice; best personal loan provider; best credit card; best cashback site; best current account provider; best student account provider; best high-street savings provider; best online savings provider; best Isa provider; and best online banking provider.

The survey will run until November 25, with the lucky �1,000 winner being announced in January.

To enter, visit www.mymoney24.co.uk and follow the link. Normal Archant competition rules apply.

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