New business is risk worth taking for hairstylist Lily

Hairstylist Lily Maeve to open new Ely business

Lily Maeve is planning to officially launch her new hair design business in Ely in April. Inset: an example of braiding which Lily specialises in. - Credit: Lily Maeve/Lily Maeve Hair Design

A hairstylist who is launching her own business soon after finishing a university degree is confident that “the risk will be worth it”. 

Lily Maeve has been a hairstylist for five years and is currently working towards a masters degree in make-up and hair design. 

“I’ve been running a business alongside the masters, but decided to open up as a proper enterprise rather than doing it out of my own kitchen,” she said. 

So, Lily got in touch with Farrow and Smith Hair Design in Ely to see if she would be able to rent a space in their salon to operate her own business. 

The 24-year-old has been working towards the launch since January, while she continues to complete her masters degree. 

“It will be just me working there, for now, but maybe in future I can expand," said Lily. 

“It’s been very stressful to get everything running, but I’ve been posting on Facebook pages and had much interest which is making me feel very excited.” 

Example of braiding by Ely hairstylist Lily Maeve

An example of hair braiding that hairstylist Lily Maeve will specialise in at her new business. - Credit: Lily Maeve Hair Design

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Lily will primarily focus on braiding, but will also specialise in other hair types at her new salon. 

Hairstyling has been something that Lily has grown fond of since childhood, and has studied on different courses to learn more about the trade. 

“I started my business as a part-time weekend job and fell in love with it,” she said. 

“So many people from nearby villages go to Ely, and there’s a big market for hair. 

“I think I want to have a place where people can express themselves.” 

Lily aims to make her new idea all-inclusive while trying to “bring out happiness” in her customers’ image. 

Ely hairstylist Lily Maeve

Lily Maeve believes her new hair design business in Ely will be a risk worth taking when it officially opens. - Credit: Lily Maeve

And she admits that launching a new business is a risk, but one she believes will pay off. 

“This is scary to do on my own, but I believe in myself so I think the risk will be worth it,” Lily added. 

“This is definitely one of my biggest achievements and something I will be proud of.” 

Lily’s new business is due to open in Farrow and Smith Hair Design on Fore Hill next month.