Family hope flavours of eastern Asia spurs success at new takeaway

Sandy outside CLS Asian Street Food in Soham

Sandy believes success will come in time for CLS Asian Street Food, which has opened in Soham. - Credit: Nicky Still Photography

A family who moved from Hong Kong to open an Asian street food takeaway in East Cambridgeshire are hopeful success will come in time as they continue with their new lives. 

Sandy opened CLS Asian Street Food in Soham with her brother and two sisters on March 20. 

“We moved to the UK about a year ago and thought what we can contribute,” she said. 

“So, we decided to open the shop as we all love cooking.” 

Sandy moved to the UK last year and was struggling to find a suitable place to open a shop in East Cambridgeshire. 

But after speaking to a friend earlier this year, a premises became available. 

“We moved to East Cambridgeshire because for me, I was attracted by Ely, its cathedral and environment,” said Sandy. 

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“We didn’t have lots of ideas a year ago, as we tried to settle. 

Sandy and siblings outside CLS Asian Street Food Soham.

Sandy, her brother and two sisters run CLS Asian Street Food in Soham, which hopes to bring the flavours of eastern Asia into the town. - Credit: Nicky Still Photography

“One of my friends who is the landlord of a shop asked whether I wanted to rent, so we tried to set up a business.” 

So far, Sandy and her siblings have received positive reaction over their first month in business, as they look to bring some of the tastes from eastern Asia to Soham.  

CLS Asian Street Food currently offer Korean food, such as Bulgogi meat, as well as Hong Kong style dishes and Taiwanese bubble tea. 

One example of food at CLS Asian Street Food in Soham

Some of the food on offer at CLS Asian Street Food, Soham, which specialises in Korean and Hong Kong cuisine. - Credit: CLS Asian Street Food

Sandy says they did not have many ideas on how to start their new lives in the UK last year, but now they have a platform to progress. 

“We have two aims - one is to contribute to society as we love cooking, so we can bring more choice to the community,” she said. 

“The other aim is so my brother and sisters can make a living to sustain the business here and learn more of the culture.” 

Sandy has already faced some challenges, such as language barriers with customers and meeting council requirements. 

Customers at CLS Asian Street Food Soham.

Customers have given positive feedback to what CLS Asian Street Food has had to offer so far. - Credit: Nicky Still Photography

But improvements are already being made with the hope that they can leave local residents feeling upbeat while creating a sustainable business. 

“It’s very encouraging,” Sandy added. 

“We hope we can achieve something more than just a living and that’s love, happiness and relationships with people. 

“It’s early stages, so I think we will keep learning.”