Only one neighbour objects to catering van at end semi 

New Barns Avenue semi where Miguel Silveira wanted to run a mobile catering van from.

New Barns Avenue semi from where Miguel Silveira wanted to run a mobile catering van. - Credit: ECDC

Planners agreed it was a strange request – not simply to store a mobile catering van at a house but to run a business from it.  

Entrepreneur Miguel Silveira had hoped to run his business from the front drive way of his home in New Barns Avenue, Ely.  

Despite no local councillors even commenting on the application, and only one neighbour opposed, East Cambridgeshire Council knocked his idea on the head.  

"The proposal has the potential to result in significantly detrimental harm,” planners told him.  

"The proposal fails to demonstrate adequate off street parking provision and fails to accommodate customer parking for collections.” 

They also reminded him that New Barns Avenue has a large amount of ad-hoc parking on the street. 

“The operation of a take-away van would likely result in extra vehicles parking, albeit for short amounts of time, and increasing pedestrian activity.  

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“This could be result in an increased risk of conflict and inconsiderate parking/waiting could obstruct the highway or obstruct access to private residences. 

“As such it could result in significantly detrimental impacts to highway safety.” 

Mr Silveira had proposed opening hours of 11am to 9pm Monday to Friday, and opening an hour later at weekends.  

Planners admitted there was little by way of opposition.  

A site notice was put up, 20 neighbours sent letters, but only one replied.  

That objection raised fears of noise and waste.  

And the neighbour was also worried about “cooking smells and odours”. 

One council official queried that Mr Silveira “would seriously intend to serve food from this location, not just park the vehicle”. 

The officer said use by someone in a wheelchair and wanted a “comprehensive comment” on access before passing final judgement.  

Another official noted that any waste produced by a mobile catering van is classed as commercial and therefore the owner would be required to show a commercial collection agreement. 

The City of Ely Council recommended refusal on grounds of it being in a residential area and close to the school.  

They said it was likely to attract noise and disturbance. 

Highways said that while a stationary take-away van on a private driveway will not have any direct impacts itself on highway safety, it could indirectly have negative implications.