Florist's 'service with a smile' marks first year of triumph

Ali Driver of Blossoms of Ely

Ali Driver (pictured) opened Blossoms of Ely in September last year and has seen her floristry business grow during the Covid-19 pandemic. - Credit: Facebook/Blossoms of Ely

A music teacher who launched her own floristry business during the Covid-19 pandemic hopes she can continue to bring success through “a service with a smile”. 

Ali Driver of Ely turned to floristry last September after being forced to stop her music business in schools in and around the city due to coronavirus restrictions. 

“It was successful for 10 years, but when Covid happened, schools stopped external teachers going in,” she said. 

“I tried to do work online with music lessons via Facebook for a while. 

“That went well but I was not making enough money so I had to think about starting a new business.” 

So, Ali, known as ‘Mrs Melody’, had a decision to make. 

“I have always loved flowers and had a passion for them in my house,” she said.  

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“I thought if I can’t do music, what’s my second biggest passion?” 

Ali has since seen an influx in customers and will mark her first anniversary since the launch of Blossoms of Ely on September 18 last year. 

As part of the service, Ali arranges and mostly delivers flowers for different occasions including weddings and funerals. 

Ali Driver's work for Blossoms of Ely

An example of some of the work that Ali does through Blossoms of Ely. - Credit: Facebook/Blossoms of Ely

“It has been such a lovely job over the last year and a way of reaching out to people when they're not able to visit family and friends,” said Ali. 

“I work seven days a week, so anyone can contact me at any time. It’s my business and I want to show people I can help them whatever time of day.   

“I like to have a chat with people; like a service with a smile.” 

Some of the key points Ali builds her success from is listening to customers, fulfilling their needs and “going above and beyond” for them. 

Ali Driver of Blossoms of Ely

Ali Driver said she is looking to continue growing Blossoms of Ely after launching her business last year. - Credit: Facebook/Blossoms of Ely

But despite the popularity she has already received, the aim now is to keep that momentum going. 

“To think I can do flower work for people in their darkest times, and produce something that makes them happy, it’s satisfying,” Ali added. 

“My aims are to be more adventurous, going bigger, better, and I’m learning all the time.    

“I want to to keep doing what I’m doing and putting in the hard work, which seems to be paying off.”   

For more information, visit Blossoms of Ely’s Facebook page or email: