Council recycling bins to be replaced by Tesco

SUPERMARKET giants Tesco will be taking over the recycling facilities at their Angel Drove store in Ely this summer - a move that could leave East Cambridgeshire District Council out of pocket.

The council has been told to move its collection bins in the middle of July, making way for the retailers to install recycling banks with their partners in the scheme, D S Smith.

Tesco - who is reportedly removing around 500 council bottle banks and recycling bins around the country - says it will make recycling more attractive, and it will reward customers who use the facilities, through donations to local community projects.

Liz Knox, Head of Environment Services at ECDC said: “We have just received formal notification confirming Tesco will be making new arrangements to collect recyclable materials at their Ely store from mid July as part of a change in their national policy.

“The District Council is currently assessing what the impact of this decision will be, as the threat of any reduction in income from recycling credits for the local authority would cause us concern.

“We will, however, liaise with Tesco’s contractor to ensure a smooth transition of the service in the summer for the benefit of our residents.”

A Tesco spokesman said: “This new partnership will help boost efforts to meet the UK’s overall recycling targets by making the recycling facilities in our stores more attractive, and by rewarding customers through a donation to local community projects when they recycle with us.

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“Some councils told us they were worried that they would no longer be able to maintain their store recycling facilities, so we developed this scheme which we think will complement the great work that councils are doing to increase doorstep recycling.

“The new facilities will be up to date and easy to use for customers. They will be collected from regularly to ensure customers can use them at their convenience. Running the facilities will also allow us to respond to new recycling opportunities for our customers as and when they arise.

“Tesco for Schools and Clubs vouchers will be donated to local schools. The amount of vouchers donated will be based on the tonnage collected.