Company unveils plans for innovative straw pelletising plant


ECDC - Credit: Archant

Renewable energy company Pelco has unveiled initial plans for a new straw pelletising plant in Queen Adelaide.

The company has submitted a screening option to East Cambridgeshire District Council, testing whether the proposed development would require a full environmental impact study.

The plant would border Potter Group’s current aggregate depot, off Queen Adelaide Way, as well as Roswell Pits – a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

In its submission to the district council, agents acting for Potter Group said: “The purpose of the development is to process straw derived from local agriculture and turn it into pelletised form, that can be taken off site via rail and road to be used as a fuel to generate renewable energy.”

The development would see one building erected on site and divided into three areas; for storing, grinding and then pelletising the straw bales.

According to the plans, the plant, which would take up almost five acres, would be capable of operating 24 hours a day and would be able to deal with 150,000 tonnes of straw per year.

A decision on the screening option is expected within the next eight weeks. To view the plans, or to have a say, visit