Businesswoman calls for traffic calming on Littleport road that has claimed ‘six lives in 10 years’

The Riverside Caravan Park in Littleport

The Riverside Caravan Park in Littleport - Credit: Archant

THE owner of a caravan park in New River Bank, Littleport, where there have been two fatalities in a month, has said that more deaths are inevitable unless action is taken.

Vanessa Wood has owned and run the Riverside Caravan Park for 11 years and says she has heard of six fatal collisions on New River Bank in that time, two of which came in the last month.

She has called for traffic calming measures to be introduced urgently to prevent more deaths.

She said: “A lot of our customers have to cross the road to get into the village or use the pub and the speed of the traffic is absolutely terrifying, you really got to be quick on your feet to get across safely.

“Motorbikes are some of the worst, sometimes all you see is a flash of colour as they go past and it’s frightening.

“There is almost certainly going to be another fatality on that road unless something is done. If they put traffic lights on the bridge, it would allow people to pull out of the junction safely and it would force people to slow down.

“It is so sad that another young lad has been killed and I fear that it won’t be the last time.”