Bus service to Ely reinstated after villagers’ campaign

A BUS service running passengers into Ely from Waterbeach and Landbeach has been reinstated by transport giant Stagecoach after a campaign by villagers.

Residents living across the two villages had planned to launch their own weekly bus service to the city to replace the Number 9 service axed by Stagecoach and were preparing to go in search of funding.

But now Stagecoach has backed down and announced it will be reinstating the service, on a limited basis, from November 5.

“People power has won the day, and we will be getting back our bus service,” said Waterbeach resident Maurice Leeke. “This is excellent news and shows how local support for our bus services can win through at the end of the day.

“I would like to thank all the local residents who have joined me in signing petitions, contacting bus operators, attending meetings, speaking to local councils and supporting the campaign for the return of this service.”

Villagers monitored the number of people using the bus at crucial times after Stagecoach announced it was under threat in the spring, announcing plans to cut the service in June.

Mr Leeke and Lib Dem Waterbeach county councillor, Michael Williamson called a public meeting and put forward plans to run a new Thursday market day service to Ely.

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Stagecoach will run two morning services each day from Landbeach and Waterbeach through to Ely with two services returning in the afternoon.

South East Cambs MP Jim Paice, who made representations to Stagecoach, said: “This is great news for my constituents in these villages who had lost a vital link to Ely where many of them enjoyed shopping as well as using local services.

“It is now essential that residents show Stagecoach that they have made the right decision by using these reinstated services so there is no temptation to axe them again.”