Bunting put up for The Queen’s Coronation comes down from the attic 60 years later

A RUMMAGE around the loft turned up trumps for an Ely couple after they discovered a string of bunting they had kept from the Queen’s coronation almost 60 years ago.

Sue Aldridge was just five years old when the Queen acceded to the throne but she vividly remembered the party and cloth bunting that hung outside her parents’ Cambridge Road house.

Inspired by Muriel Halliday’s story about a 60-year-old coronation book in last week’s Ely Standard, Sue sent her husband Barry up into the loft where he not only found Sue’s copy of the book, given to all school children in Ely at the time, but unearthed the original cloth bunting also.

At the Coronation, Sue was struck down with a bout of whooping cough and had to miss much of the celebration but, this time around, she is determined to mark the occasion in full and already has the bunting up around her garden.

“I was so excited that we found the bunting and it was in such good condition, much better than the stuff they make today,” said Sue, 65.

“I’m hoping to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee a bit better than the Coronation, our local pub the West End, is hosting a street party and we are planning to attend.”

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