Breathing new life campaign - Important speech at Ely Rotary meeting

Our picture shows Ann Jiggle with President John Dennick (right) and Vote-of-thanks speaker Ken Jame

Our picture shows Ann Jiggle with President John Dennick (right) and Vote-of-thanks speaker Ken James. - Credit: Archant

The weekly Ely Rotary Club luncheon meeting saw Ann Jiggle, the dedicated chairman of NARA (the Breathing Charity), give a very interesting and informative speech about how we breathe.

She looked at whether it is automatic or not? She also talked about asthma, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), and emphysema amongst other respiratory conditions.

NARA is known as the Breathing ‘community care programme’, which means that, at a moment’s notice, they are frequently called out to patients anywhere in the UK to assist people who are in real trouble and unable to breathe properly.

Their financial support comes from public donations and their own fund-raising ventures, so Rotary fills a gap with donations from time to time.

This is what Rotary’s support from Ely’s local people means to them, and events like Aquafest and Big Band concerts, enjoyed by so many, are essential in the community.

Not only do they provide services to people in trouble, but they also loan equipment for home-treatment too, such as respiration monitors, alarms, nebulisers and so on, although not baby-listening devices or similar that are available from the High Street.

But loans of baby equipment are made with the express approval of the baby’s GP.

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The NARA motto asks: “Do you, or anyone you know, have breathing problems? If so, we may be able to help.” Their website is, and email address

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