Brand new team at school press club

WITCHFORD Village College Press Club is back for another year, as a brand new team of Year 9 students successfully applied to run the club for the new academic year.

The Press Club has been running for three years and is organised by Mr Gaskins, an English teacher at Witchford. The club publishes short pieces in the local newspapers and the school newsletter and meets every Tuesday to allocate jobs and stories for that week.

To get into the club the students had to write a letter applying to be part of the press club. The best applications, chosen by Mr Gaskins, would get a place in the club.

This year so many students applied and the letters were of such a high standard that five new places were created. The 13 students who got into the club are: Josh Stevens (Editor), Rachel Smit (Editor), George Cooper (Writer), Pennie Ryan (Writer), Nina Procopio (Writer), Clare Green (Writer), Kirsty Blackwell (Photographer), Gabrielle Le Roux (Photographer), Megan Simpkins (Photographer), Georgia Knight (Newsletter) and Bethany Smith (Newsletter).

This year the WVC Press Club will be hoping to cover events such as Children in Need, the London 2012 Olympics, and other events in and around the College.

Mr Gaskins said: “I’m delighted with the new team. They are a talented group of students and I look forward to working with them this year”.