Branch Bank resident says ‘I’m fearful for my life’ after yet another collision on Littleport road

Padnal Bank. Road blocked due to RTC.

Padnal Bank. Road blocked due to RTC. - Credit: Archant

A man says he is “fearful” for his life and has lost count of the amount of crashes between Padnal Road and Branch Bank outside his Littleport home – especially after seeing another collision last night.

David Jermy, who moved to the area in April, has witnessed at least 14 crashes in 10 weeks, including one on Tuesday evening where a car overturned and ended up in a ditch.

“Unless the highways department do something very, very quickly, I fear that there will be another loss of life,” he said.

“I have spoken to the Highways Agency, but received just a holding letter stating that I should receive a ‘considered response’ within 15 days. However I received that letter at the beginning of June. That demonstrates there’s no priority.

“They do not seem to be taking this issue seriously. I would imagine it’s because of costs to their budget, but they have just built a cycle way in Lisle Lane, Ely.

“However I think that money could have been better spent on other road measures because I use it on a very regular basis and have honestly never seen a cyclist on it.”

Mr Jermy said the road, which has seen one fatality amongst the reported collisions, needs a 40-mile-per-hour speed limit across the whole stretch.

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“It’s a ridiculous situation that the council won’t do anything until there are more incidents,” he said.

“If I get another vehicle crash into my front garden I’m going to be asking for a crash barrier all along my boundary,” he added.

“I’m genuinely fearful of going out and cutting my grass now because I feel it is too dangerous.

“I’m fearful for my life. I only have to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and that’s it, I’ll be cutting my garden in the sky.”

Mr Jermy is not the only one living in fear, he said.

“All of the neighbours I’ve spoken to have said that they are fearful something really serious is going to happen.