‘It is time Prime Minister took charge and shows he means business’ says reader

I am at a loss at the stupidity of some people, particularly those up north, plus some local communities but to a lesser extent, when they are up in arms about increased lockdowns.

When the hoi polloi ignore government advice about social distancing, they seem incredulous that numbers of Covid cases are on the up.

Anyone who doubts the validity of this viewpoint should cast their minds back to scenes of over-crowded beaches, increased visitors at beauty spots and the increasted trend of illicit indoor parties. The correlation is plainly obvious.

Bojo needs to get tougher. His scientists want longer lockdowns but his senior medical staff insists on them being shorter. Civil servants openly defy him.

His opposite counterpart ridicules his every move. It is time he took charge and show he means business. Fines are all well and good but they do not make the virus go away.

He should stop dithering and bring in the troops to support the heavily out numbered police. Large crowds, are our biggest threat and this should be addressed immediately.

Consider water cannons, (impregnated with a dye for later identification} or tier gas. Failing that, police could deploy tazers or serviceman with rubber bullets on beligerent offenders.

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I can already hear the howls of protest, but I would urge these people to consider the alternative.