Hands-on harp session at Ely school

Harpist Bonnie Scott plays at Spring Meadow, Ely.

Harpist Bonnie Scott plays at Spring Meadow, Ely. - Credit: Archant

Children at Spring Meadow infant and nursery school were treated to a musical interlude when 15 year old Harpist Bonnie Scott held a “hands on harps” session.

Bonnie gave a live performance on a large gold harp, known as “Golden Boy”, which is only used in special occasions, due to it being more than 100 years old.

She said: “Watching the children work their ways around Strawberry, Blueberry, BlackBerry and Minstrel brought back memories of when I started playing around nine years old.

“It was lovely to hear everyone make the loudest glissandi possible and learn the names of the F and C strings.

“Hopefully it was just as fun for the children as it was for me!”

She then ran a hands-on harp experience letting the children play on lap harps.

Bonnie has just finished her GCSE’s at Witchford village college, and is planning on taking music at Hills Road sixth form college in September.

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Since starting to play the harp in primary school, Bonnie has won competitions for playing and composing.

She has been an Aldeburgh young musician for the last three years and been accepted at the junior Royal Academy of Music in London, which starts in September.