Fitness group raise £1,500 for charity by running half marathon


An Ely boot camp raised over £1,500 for charity by taking part in the Saucony Cambridge Half Marathon.

Body Shape Fitness members trained for the run and shared encouragement on their private members' Facebook group and during their workouts in Ely.

The 13.1 mile race through the city had over 10,000 competitors and for the first time had access to Kings and Jesus colleges.

Tim Megginson, founder and owner of Body Shape Fitness, said: 'I'm so proud of our guys who chose to run.

'We love working with people to achieve their goals. Sometimes it's to lose weight, sometimes it's to improve race times.

'Some of the team who ran were experienced runners hitting new personal best times, and others had never dreamed of running a half marathon before.

'The main thing they all have in common is determination and encouragement from our Body Shape Fitness family.'

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