Bishop blessed a colourful quilt designed by church schools

A COLOURFUL monster-sized quilt designed by children from church schools across the Ely diocese was blessed during a special week of celebrations in Ely Cathedral.

Around 2,500 children flocked to the Ship of the Fens during four days of activities; and were able to admire the beautifully crafted 21-foot long quilt made up of 80 different squares; a striking snapshot of life across the Diocese.

The four Schools Cathedral Days were held to mark the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible and the 200th anniversary of the National Society.

Each day, the children attended workshops in the morning, when they were taken back to the time of the ancestors from 200 years ago, with the help of history re-enactors.

The youngsters heard the words of the Bible read in the King James Version, the same translation their ancestors would have used as their chief reading book.

In the afternoon, worship was led by the Bishop of Huntingdon, Dr David Thomson; who also blessed the children’s quilt.

Pupils attending the event brought along gifts for the Ely Diocese’s twin diocese of Vellore in South India; schools have been raising money over harvest time to help rebuild three small Indian village schools.

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The quilt will remain on show in the cathedral for a month.