Belinda is forced to face up to her health issues and goes on to set up a new slimming group in Ely

Belinda Lennon after losing weight

Belinda Lennon after losing weight - Credit: Archant

A warning about needing medication for life was the kickstart an Ely woman needed to lose weight and set up her own slimming group..

Belinda Lennon before losing weight

Belinda Lennon before losing weight - Credit: Archant

Belinda Lennon was told by her GP in January 2015 that she was at risk of diabetes which forced her to face her weight issues.

Belinda said: “I knew I had put on weight but it was at my 40th health check that it was clear I had to do something.

“My doctor told me I was at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and my blood pressure was sky high.

“I had a choice – lose weight and get healthy or risk being on medication for the rest of my life.”

Having seen work colleagues lose weight while eating lots of food on the Slimming World plan Belinda decided to join a local group.

“I felt a complete failure having to join a slimming group but that soon changed at my first meeting,” she said.

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Until her early thirties, Belinda had kept trim playing sports and running regularly.

Becoming a busy working mum made it too easy to grab a takeaway and relax with a glass of wine.

Gradually the pounds went on, she said.

The friendly supportive environment helped motivate her and she found that filling up on unlimited healthy foods as well as still enjoying her favourite curries and a full English breakfast helped her lose more than two stone.

Since losing weight Belinda plays racket sports again and runs regularly.

She has the confidence to go swimming with her seven-year old son and feels better than she has for years.

More importantly her health is no longer a concern and she has been inspired to become a Slimming World Consultant.

• Her new Slimming World Group is at The Lighthouse, Ely on Monday January 2 at 7.30pm. Call Belinda on 07971 077941 for more details.