Nothing but praise for Anglian Water as community spirit shines amid Littleport water shortage

Nothing but praise for Anglian Water as community spirit shines amid Littleport water shortage

Nothing but praise for Anglian Water as community spirit shines amid Littleport water shortage - Credit: Archant

Residents of Littleport praised Anglian Water and the village’s community spirit after it was left without water for 12 hours yesterday.

The water shortage was caused by a burst pipe in Ely but Anglian Water "did a sterling job" getting things back up and running while Littleport Leisure Centre even let people use their showers.

Anglian Water said at the time: "Thank-you to all of the residents in and around Littleport who have been so patient while our teams fixed a burst water main the area.

"We're really sorry that you may have had no water supply today but the team have been working hard and the repair has now been completed.

"It may take a little while for the water to make its way around the network but it should be back to normal shortly.

"When the water supply resumes some customers may notice their water is cloudy or discoloured. This is caused by millions of tiny air bubbles in the pipe and is completely harmless.

"If you leave the water to clear in a glass or run your tap for a bit it will soon disappear."

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Littleport and East Cambs Academy, Highfield Academy and Littleport Community Primary School were closed as a result of the water shortage.

Residents also came together by picking up extra bottles of water when they went to shops - to aid older people or those who may have been vulnerable.

On social media there was nothing but praise for Anglian Water while other residents recognised that access to clean water is something that's too often taken for granted.

Maria Stableford, who lives in Littleport, said: "Anglian Water did a sterling job. They worked quickly to get Littleport up and running, and they were giving out water and delivering water to those who were vulnerable.

"They were also updating their website and people on the phone regularly. The community were super, pulling together.

"Littleport Leisure Centre also allowed people to shower and helped with disabled facilities. Well done all."

Claire Bowdler said: "Littleport was out of water for 12 hours, but we survived.

"Many of us felt the affects of not having clean water, whether it be not being able to flush the loo, shower, fill our babies bottles, just turn on the tap, or having the kids off school for the day.

"What would it be like if we didn't have access to clean water for longer than this? Hope it's made you think about others less fortunate, and where you can, this might be a good thing to support."

Kellie Ireland responded and said: "I literally felt so uncomfortable not having running water, toilet usage or shower! It has definitely made me grateful for what we do have."

Sonia Marshall added: "It really does make you think about all the people that aren't as fortunate as us."

Jan Frost added: "Can we even begin to imagine our children, grandchildren not going to school but having to collect water miles away?

"Not clean water but full of parasites and worse. If from this we all supported WaterAid how fantastic would that be.

"Yes we have water we pay for it, because we can, others can't. Shouldn't everyone be entitled to clean water?"