Residents ‘left without a voice’ over anti-social car park behaviour

Anti-social behaviour at Ely Sainsbury's

Several Ely residents have complained of ‘very noisy cars and motorbikes’ gathering at the car park of the city’s Sainsbury’s supermarket. - Credit: Google Maps 

A number of residents have slammed the city’s police force and staff at a local supermarket following several reports of anti-social “nuisance drivers”.  

Residents have reported “very noisy cars and motorbikes” at the car park of Ely Sainsbury’s on Lisle Lane; “revving engines and driving dangerously”.


One says they are seriously considering relocating due to the anti-social behaviour and claim to have lost three neighbours because of the noise. 

“Generally, after closing time, we are repeatedly subjected to very noisy cars and motorbikes gathering in the car park,” said a resident.  

“They are revving engines, driving dangerously and we have even seen motorcyclists racing around the car park without helmets. 

“For a very short space of time, there were some vehicle registration recognition cameras installed at the entrance to the car park.  

“This immediately solved the problem... until Sainsbury’s started issuing parking tickets to customers and staff and a local social media uproar meant they were taken down.”  

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They added: “This does also happen during store opening hours, and we have seen customers turn around and leave the car park because of the intimidating drivers.  

“We do not want to move home, but it is now a serious consideration because of the continued late-night noise from the car park.”  

A spokesperson for Sainsbury’s confirmed they were unable to close the car park out of hours due to constant deliveries being made to the store.  

They also revealed that the in-store security team monitors the road at the front of the store and car park during their shifts and moves drivers on as quickly as possible 

“We understand the disruption this is causing and we continue to work with our store security team and the police to address it,” said the spokesperson.  

A spokesperson for Cambridgeshire Police said: “We are aware of reports of anti-social driving in East Cambridgeshire, particularly at Ely Sainsburys, the Ely Leisure Centre and the Sutton, Witchford and Ely triangle.

“Using the Community Protection Warning legislation, officers have been able to tell those who are caught committing anti-social driving, or gathering in groups with the intention of doing so, to leave the area.

"Over the last month, 22 warning notices have been given out and if ignored, can result in arrest and even prosecution.

“We would urge anyone who witnesses anti-social behaviour, such as anti-social driving, to continue to report this to us so we can continue to build up a picture in the area and tackle the issue.

“Reports can be made via our online web chat service here: or our dedicated page on the force website here:

"People without internet access can call 101, or in an emergency always 999.”

Another resident added: “We are left without a voice and left to suffer the perpetual noise from Sainsbury’s car park site.  

“I have lost three neighbours who have all moved because of the noise and anti-social behaviour. 

“Sainsbury’s continue to have a negative impact on our community with no end in sight and their utter disdain and disregard for our community has gone on for far too long.”