'Angela's always there for everyone': Shop worker steps down after 32 years

Angela Allum has said a fond farewell to her colleagues and customers after 32 years of working at the Co-op in Littleport.

Angela Allum has said a fond farewell to her colleagues and customers after 32 years of working at the Co-op in Littleport. - Credit: Cathy Gibb de Swarte

Having worked at the Co-op in Littleport for more than 32 years, Angela Allum has said a fond farewell to her colleagues and customers.

Garry Hunt, who is one of the team leaders at the Main Street store and has worked alongside Angela for 24 years, said: “It’s going to take some time and a lot of adjustments to get used to not working with her.

"So, on a personal note, it’s very sad. Angela was a big part of the Co-op and was instrumental in the community projects and fundraising. 

"Not only did she care about the customers, but she was always there for everyone.”

Manager Matt Thorogood, who worked with Angela for 28 years, said he has nothing but praise for Angela.

“She has been so great for the team being there when they needed help in terms of learning and training them too. 

“Angela has been there to support me. It’s like having someone backing you up all the time," he added. 

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"It has been a pleasure working with Angela over the years, and I think it is a sad loss to the business.”

Joan Sharpe, a customer at the store ever since it was first opened, said: "I have known Angie all her life. I was in Mill Road having my daughter Beverley when her mum was having Angie and her twin brother. 

"In the time she has worked there she has always had a listening ear for everyone - including me when I was diagnosed with cancer. She was so supportive."

Angela grew up on a farm on Ten Mile Bank, finished school and started her working life at Burberry’s in Littleport. 

She met and married Andy, who is now recently retired from the Environment Agency.

When they started their family, she took a job with more convenient hours at the carrot factory near Soham. 

Then came the opportunity of part-time evening work nearer to home at the Co-op so she applied - and started there in February 32 years ago.

"I stayed so long because I was really happy in what I was doing," said Angela.

Joan added: “I believe a good leader makes a happy team and it was certainly a very happy shopping environment. 

"And so I think I can speak for all of the Main Street Co-op’s customers and say a big thank you from all of us.

"We wish Angie all the best for the future.”