Amateur’s scenic shot of Ely Cathedral was an ‘accident’

Tom Crinson's shot of The Gallery

Tom Crinson's shot of The Gallery - Credit: Archant

Amateur photographer Tom Crinson says his stunning shot of The Gallery leading to Ely Cathedral was all a ‘bit of an accident’.

Tom, who took the snap using his trusty Nikon D7000, was driving home last Tuesday evening when he saw the moon over the cathedral and decided the opportunity was too good to miss.

He said: “As I was driving home on Tuesday evening the moon looked incredible, it was huge and yellow and I thought that the moon over the cathedral would make a great shot.

“Sadly, that didn’t work out as it was too low in the sky and in completely the wrong place so I ended up with a different shot instead. It was all a bit by accident really, I almost didn’t bother taking them!”

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