Letter: Positive with Covid-19 but allowed to go back to work in school

Concerns about people returning to work 10 days after positive Covid-19 test.

Reader Amanda Pinder has shared her concerns about people who are returning to work 10 days after testing positive for Covid-19. - Credit: PA IMAGES

I’m aware that people are being told that, provided they have no coronavirus symptoms even though they are still showing positive, they can go about things as normal and return to work. 

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The government website confirms this. These people are tested at testing centres and, after 10 days, are being told to go back to work. 

How do we know they are not contagious and is this the reason that the virus is mutating?

Many of my customers, including myself, are very concerned. Surely no one should continue to socialise or continue to go to work if they are still showing positive. 

This is the same test as those who believe they are positive are getting at the testing centres.

What is the point of testing if you can go back to work even in a school whilst still positive?

Can you please raise these concerns for us.