Aled Jones MBE talks Ely concert: 'It'll be very emotional'

World-famous classical singer Aled Jones MBE performs at Ely Cathedral on Friday March 18.

World-famous classical singer Aled Jones MBE performs at Ely Cathedral on Friday March 18. - Credit: DEACON COMMUNICATIONS

World-famous classical singer Aled Jones MBE talks to Ben Jolley ahead of his twice-postponed concert at Ely Cathedral on Friday March 18.

"I can't wait because Ely has one of the greatest cathedrals in the world," he said, having performed there several times and being patron of music at Ely Cathedral.

"Every time you drive up and see that building in the distance, it just fills you with awe."

To be able to sing there again, especially after the last two years when he hasn't been able to sing live at all, he says "is going to be a dream come true.

"It'll be very emotional I should imagine," he added, having last performed there in 2013, with the junior choir supporting him at the time. 

"To be able to sing with the young kids as well, it's always great. Because that's where I came from myself.

"Any opportunity that I get to do that, I'll always jump at it - and I love the quality of music-making at Ely.

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"The choir has always been absolutely stunning - world-class, as it should be in a building like that."

His role as an Ely Cathedral music ambassador, he said, has always been hugely importantly to him.

"It's crucial to progress the music in Ely and keep it alive; what we do, hopefully, is encourage people to be involved in the choirs there and music-making.

"A choir boy background is one of the best in the world, I think," he added.

"You don't just learn about the music, you learn about life, and get to make music with like-minded individuas and have fun.

I would recommend a chorister start in life for anyone - it's certainly put me in good stead for what I've done in the future." 

He added that his show will be far from a typical church service.

"My tour isn't a solemn church service, it's very much an evening of jokes and stories and all kinds of music - from pop to inspirational stuff to the hymns I do. 

"It's a real mixed bag and, hopefully, it leaves people feeling uplifted and happier than when they first came in."

He said it will also be a "great opportunity" for people who have never been to Ely Cathedral before to come in and see something they would normally see in a concert hall or in a theatre. 

"Bring it on!" he said; "it's been a weird few years of not being able to do the thing I love."

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