Air pollution and noise concerns amid A14 roadworks leads Lucy Frazer MP to call for intervention from roads minister Jesse Norman MP

Lucy Frazer, MP for South East Cambridgeshire with David Bray, Highway's England A14 project directo

Lucy Frazer, MP for South East Cambridgeshire with David Bray, Highway's England A14 project director and Ros Hathorn and Irina Szmelskyj who spoke on behalf of residents of Impington. - Credit: Archant

Concerns over increased air pollution and ineffective noise barriers amid A14 roadworks have led Lucy Frazer, MP for South East Cambridgeshire, to write to roads minister Jesse Norman MP calling for intervention.

After Impington residents raised concerns about nighttime noise with the MP, who has spent ‘months liaising with Highways England’, said in a letter: “Since construction work started, in April 2018, my constituents in Impington have had significant concerns about how the project has been handled by Highways England.

“I have spent a number of months liaising with the A14 project manager seeking to improve the situation for them.

“Given that there are continuing concerns, I feel that it is necessary for me to escalate the matter to you in the hope that together we can ensure that the rest of the project does not cause a similar level of upset to those living closest to the works.”

The MP also raises residents’ complaints that “promised mitigation measures, including temporary noise barriers, have either not been used or proved ineffective.”

She also highlights concerns that no properties in Impington on the northern side of the A14 have been included in the noise insulation scheme.

It continues, detailing concerns over the high number of trees and other vegetation removed from the site, as well as the need for a commitment to ensure ‘the project does not leave Impington significantly worse off from an aesthetic point of view’.

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There are also concerns that the project does not include sufficient long term noise barriers and that there is a lack of monitoring of air quality during construction.

The MP added: “Residents in Impington feel that an increase in air pollution at their homes is not being taken seriously by Highways England.”

The letter asks the roads minister to take up these concerns with Highways England as well as meet with the MP herself to discuss the matter further.

Earlier this year, Histon and Impinton Parish Council shared residents’ concerns and said: “People are shocked at the extent of clearance work now taking place on both sides of the B1049 as it approaches the A14.

“It seems to be more than was expected and makes us worry again about noise barriers, pollution and restoring the lost vegetation.”