Council agree safety improvements on A10 at Waterbeach

A10 baby crash in Waterbeach

Cambridgeshire County Council has agreed safety improvements on the A10 at Waterbeach following the death of Louis Thorold. - Credit: Sîbel Lä

The county council has agreed safety improvements to the A10 at Waterbeach following the death of five-month-old Louis Thorold in a horror van crash.  

The baby boy’s father, Chris, launched The Louis Thorold Foundation after the fatal crash which saw a van collide with his wife who was pushing Louis’ pram.  

He said: “I am pleased to announce, following collaboration with Cambridgeshire County Council, the mayor and local MP, that a plan is now in place to improve safety of pedestrians between Waterbeach and Milton, being implemented over the next three months. 

Grieving dad Chris Thorold is calling for urgent works on the A10 at Waterbeach

Louis and Rachael Thorold. - Credit: Family/Supplied

“Eight weeks has passed since the incident that caused the tragic death of Louis Thorold and resulted in his ma-ma Rachael Thorold still being critically ill in hospital in London.  

“During that time, Louis and Rachael's family have created the Louis Thorold Foundation, raised over £30,000 which will be used to further the protection of children on our roads, and successfully campaigned to make the A10 safe.” 

Cambridgeshire County Council has committed to do the following: 

  • Fast track a route safety study into the A10 between the A14 and Denny End Lane by Friday, March 26 to ensure sufficient evidence exists to support safety improvements 
  • Install speed monitoring equipment with a view to generating evidence to support a speed limit reduction which will be completed via TRO (Traffic Regulation Order) which will be applied for in late April for introduction in early June 
  • Bring forward works already planned to install a segregated dual use pathway between Waterbeach and Milton with works beginning in autumn 2021 

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Chris added: “The Louis Thorold Foundation will continue to work with Cambridgeshire County Council over the coming months to ensure the improvements made meet the requirements of the community and offer a safe route for pedestrians and cyclists alike.  

“We would like to thank the place and economy department at Cambridgeshire County Council, Lucy Frazer MP, and the councillors who have supported us throughout this.” 

The Louis Thorold Foundation hopes to: 

  • Promote the advancement of road safety through supporting and campaigning for VisionZero 
  • Support emergency response teams including the Air Ambulance Service, the Ambulance service and 1st responder teams 
  • Raise funds through various charitable activities 
  • Invest in research surrounding road safety and associated rehabilitative treatment of Severe Brain Injury (SBI) 
  • Campaign for related road safety charities 

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