Frustrations over lack of movement on A10 BP roundabout safety improvements

Lack of movement on safety improvements to the A10 BP roundabout in Ely.

Lack of movement on safety improvements to the A10 BP roundabout in Ely. - Credit: SUPPLIED

Frustrations directed at Cambridgeshire County Council are rising after the lack of movement on safety improvements to the A10 BP roundabout in Ely.

The £1.8 million of improvements made to the roundabout last year were made to ease congestion brought about by the newly completed Lancaster Way Business Park. 

Three road safety audits (RSAs) outlining the risks of the improvements were given before, during and after the work was completed.

These raised concerns about the safety of non-motorised users (NMU) when crossing the northern arm of the roundabout.

Lack of movement on safety improvements to the A10 BP roundabout in Ely. 

Lack of movement on safety improvements to the A10 BP roundabout in Ely. - Credit: John Powell

Ely Cycling Campaign, concerned with improving the cycling infrastructure in and around the city, have been campaigning for a new bridge or underpass to be delivered. 

They are campaiging for this to remove the dangers of using the crossing currently faced by cyclists and pedestrians alike.

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“It’s just not possible to cross two carriageways safely,” said one spokesperson. The RSAs corroborated these findings.

“The increased width of carriageway means there is an increased risk of collisions between road users approaching/exiting the roundabout and those NMUs [non-motorised users] attempting to cross at this location,” found one.

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“It is recommended that suitable NMU crossing facilities are incorporated into the design.”

Anne Bailey (Con), leader of East Cambridgeshire District Council, has previously expressed her support for changes to the roundabout.

“I know an underpass or bridge is needed and I totally support the improvements.

"I have been pushing for this at every opportunity I can assure you.”

“The Lib Dems now have it in their gift to make a difference,” she continued.

"They have been very vocally critical; perhaps they will now find a solution to the funding in cooperation with funding from the Combined Authority.”

The Lib Dem councillors have duly written to the Mayor to ensure he is aware of and sourcing funding for the project.

“The assumption still seems to be that the improvements to the BP roundabout will only go ahead as part of the A10 being dualled, which there is currently no Government commitment or cash,” said Sutton county councillor Lorna Duprè.

“In the meantime, we have written to the Mayor, drawing his attention to the state in which the Combined Authority’s decisions have left the BP roundabout.

"The need to take action now rather than waiting for half a billion pounds from the Government to dual the A10 which may never come.”

With everyone seemingly in agreement about the work that needs to be done, the frustration at the lack of action undertaken thus far is understandable.

The Ely Cycling Campaign has made multiple references to the Transport Strategy for East Cambridgeshire’s policies on their social media.

They quoted segments like the one which states that ‘access to areas of employment and key services will be maximised, particularly by sustainable modes of travel.’

Calls for the funding to be resolved for safer crossing facilities will no doubt continue to increase as long as there is no action on the matter.

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