‘A mere sprint in the chilly water’ agree the hearty six from Ely Tri Club after their Sunday morning dip in the Great Ouse


Six members of Ely Tri Club braved the cold on Sunday morning to take a festive plunge in the Great Ouse.


After a long year of triathlon, duathlon and distance running club member Doug Wylie said it was “a mere sprint in the chilly water”.

He added: “The six club members swam from Babylon Bridge alongside the marina to the railway bridge much to the amusement of passers by and perhaps the annoyance of the early morning fishermen.

“With numb hands and feet, we were greeted on the riverbank with streaming cups of hot chocolate, calling an end to session.

The triathlon club meets for swimming training at Paradise Pool on Tuesdays and for running at the same venue on Thursdays. Cycling rides are arranged at the weekend.

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