Drivers count the cost - in most cases £252 each - for not paying fixed penalty notice for overstaying their welcome in Ely car parks

Barton road car park,Ely. Parking is predominantly free in the city but you can get a fixed penalty

Barton road car park,Ely. Parking is predominantly free in the city but you can get a fixed penalty notice for overstaying. And a huge bill if you don't pay that. Picture: ARCHANT - Credit: Archant

Motorists who delayed or refused to pay fixed penalty notices for overstaying their welcome in Ely car parks have each been handed fines and costs totalling up to £252.

Cambridge magistrates dealt with offenders on January 23 and handed out the same penalties to each motorist.

In most cases the motorists had parked longer than the maximum period permitted in city centre car parks.

But in one instance the penalties were handed out for not having a valid ticket or permit at the Dock car park - the fines and costs went up to £280.

Costel Baue of Mildenhall Road, Littleport, was fined £60 for staying longer than permitted at Forehill short stay car park.

Baue was also ordered to pay £60 compensation, £32 to fund victim services and costs of £100.

Ana Moreira Soares of Trumpington parked in Newnham Street car park for longer than the maximum permitted period. She was fined £20 but with costs and compensation adding a further £192 to her bill.

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For Dominic Hutter of Top Street, Stretham, the fine was £60 and costs and compensation totalling £192 added. He overstayed the parking time at St Marys Street car park in August.

The same £252 package of penalties were handed to Peteris Liepins of Mortlock Avenue, Cambridge, for overstaying his time Newnham Street car park.

Ship Lane car park was where Christian Schosland overstayed last August and he too must pay the same £252 package of fines and costs.

It was in St Marys Street car park where Sophia Slater of Prickwillow Road, Isleham had stayed for longer than permitted and again she must pay £252.

Costs and fines totalled £280 for Andrew Straughair of Mallinson Road, London, for not displaying a valid ticket at Dock car park in September.

Magistrates reverted to a £252 costs and fine order against Leonie Woodhouse of Queens Road, Littleport, for overstaying in St Marys Street car park.

And another £252 penalty awaits Jamie Wood of Mill Yard, Haddenham, for not leaving earlier from Newnham Street car park.

Benjamin Penfold of Mepal Road, Sutton, denied parking outside the white lines of a bay in Barton Road car park. His trial will take place on March 4.

Fixed penalty notices reduce from £60 to £50 if paid within 14 days.