The weekend is here which can only mean one thing, it's time for the weekly pub quiz. 

Perfect if you're taking a trip to the pub this weekend, this quiz will let you brush up on some of that unusual but essential knowledge for the occasion.

With 10 fun questions, the pub quiz will get your brain cogs working and put your general knowledge skills to the test.

Take last week's quiz now: Pub Quiz June 9: How smart are you?  Find out with this quiz

From movies, sports, music, history and even a little bit of science, we've got all the topics covered.

So if you think you have what it takes to be the pub quiz master, find out now and take our quiz


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Now that you've put your brain to the test, you'll want to start revising hard in preparation for the next pub quiz.

Did you get 10/10 or was it a tough round for you?

Keep an eye on the news and get ready for next week's pub quiz.

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What is the history of the pub quiz?

The pub quiz is believed to have originated from a company called Burns and Porter which would share their quizzes in the 1970s in order to encourage more regular visitors. 

The regular pub quizzes saw pub numbers rise from 30 teams a week to a peak of 10,000 teams. 

Burns and Porter went on to publish their own line of pub quiz books and would continue to host weekly quizzes.