Two dedicated Cambridgeshire Freemasons have recently completed an 84-mile bike ride between six Masonic Centres to raise money for children's charity, Teddies for Loving Care (TLC).

Freemasons David Broker and Bob Hammett undertook this challenging journey which connected various Masonic Centres and offered picturesque views along the way.

The ride demonstrated the men's commitment to Freemasonry values of charity, friendship and community service.

Their effort helped shine a light on the crucial work of the TLC charity.

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Head of the Freemasons in Cambridgeshire, Bill Dastur, spoke highly of their accomplishment, he said: "We are incredibly proud of David and Bob for their dedication and perseverance.

"Their effort embodies the spirit of Freemasonry—charity, Friendship, and service to the community.

"The funds raised through this initiative will make a significant difference in the lives of many children who find themselves in distressing situations."

TLC has been a critical source of comfort to many children in distressing hospital situations across Cambridgeshire.

It provides teddy bears in Addenbrookes, Ely, Doddington and Wisbech Hospitals to ease the anxiety endured by children during their hospital stay.

David and Bob were extremely grateful for the support they received throughout their journey.

Bob said: "It was a challenging ride, but knowing that we were contributing to such a worthy cause made every mile worth it.

"We hope our efforts inspire others to support TLC and make a difference in their own ways."

TLC is a charity dedicated to comforting children in emergency healthcare situations by providing them with teddy bears.

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This directly aligns with Freemasonry's long-held tradition of supporting children's welfare and healthcare initiatives.

The Freemasons of Cambridgeshire have a reputation of friendliness and inclusivity with members from various walks of life.

They count around 1500 Freemasons among their 33 individual lodges and continue to welcome enquiries about their values and history.