An Ely woman is setting her sights on the coveted title of Ms Great Britain, aiming to become the first non-British citizen to hold the crown.

Soraya Barrera, who has been a permanent resident of the UK for 10 years, has represented the country in various pageant competitions,

The 36-year-old Cancer Research ambassador who raises funds and volunteers at their events has also launched a campaign called 'Be Timeless', which aims to encourage women over 30 to follow their dreams.

Throughout her campaign, Soraya interviews women from diverse backgrounds on her podcast, 'Females Thriving Over Thirty', highlighting their journeys and accomplishments.

She said: “There are no limits on our dreams. I once believed I could never take part in a pageant due to my height, but look at me now.”

The Ms Great Britain pageant will take place on October 18 at the Athena Theatre in Leicester.

Follow Soraya's journey to the Ms Great Britain stage on her lnstagram (@sorayagucciluz).

To find out more about the competition visit the Miss Great Britain official website.

(Image: Soraya Barrera)

(Image: Soraya Barrera)