A Cambridgeshire couple who scooped a £1 million lottery win learnt they had won the "life-changing" amount while shopping in B&M. 

Graeme White, 35, and his wife, Katherine's, 36, first upgrade after winning in the EuroMillions was to buy a coffee from Caffè Nero, instead of Greggs. 

The couple, confirmed they will continue to work as police officers with reduced hours, but are planning to buy their dream home and enjoy the 'good life'. 

Graeme said: “This win changes everything for us, it gives us breathing space both physically and financially.

"We always wanted to live somewhere rural with plenty of outdoor space for the children - and so we could keep some chickens and goats - but thought that would be something we’d have to wait for years down the line when we were able to downsize.

"However, now thanks to our amazing lucky break we don’t have to wait, our dream home can become a reality, and we can start house hunting right away. It's crazy to think, but our 20 year plan has now become our 12 month plan.

The couple said they were in disbelief when they discovered they had become overnight millionaires. 

The police officer said he thought “it had to be a mistake” when the couple, from Cambridgeshire, found out they had won £1 million, adding the win was “life-changing”.

Mr White added: "I play EuroMillions through The National Lottery app and occasionally get a message saying I’ve won something.

“It’s usually a couple of quid, so when I saw the message I thought, ‘great, that will pay for a lunchtime meal deal at work tomorrow’.

“But when I opened the message it said I had £1,000,000 plus £3.30.

“It had to be a mistake, in my head I thought you could only win a couple of quid or the big jackpot – I didn’t know about the millionaire maker prize.”

Mr White said they went shopping the next day while waiting for a call to confirm the win, adding: “I wanted it to be true but couldn’t let myself believe it”.

He added: “We both laughed at our first little upgrade – as we treated ourselves to a Nero’s instead of the usual Greggs coffee.

“As we strolled around B&M absentmindedly the phone rang. I took the call and the guy on the phone confirmed the win and actually said ‘Congratulations, you’re a millionaire!’.

“I looked at Katherine and she whooped and then welled up. I don’t know what the other shoppers must have made of us!”

Along with a new home, goats and chickens, the family’s wish list also includes a trip to Disneyland for the children as well as a new four-legged addition to their growing brood.

Ms White said: “We are big Disney fans, so a trip to Disneyland is definitely on the cards for us.

“However closer to home, along with the chickens and goats, we’ve always wanted a family dog – but just didn’t have the space or the time with us both working – it wouldn’t have been fair to the dog.

“But now that’s changed we’re all excited to get a Labrador puppy, especially the children.

“We’ve already started to think of names, and obviously have some National Lottery inspired options on the list including ‘Lottie’ and ‘Millie’!”

The couple celebrated their win at Sacrewell Farm, which has benefited from £1.5M in National Lottery Funding.