Members of the Ely Rotary Club enjoyed a taster session at Ely Bowls Club.

The Bowls Club extended an invitation and members agreed it was  a most enjoyable evening with some success.

Many of the Rotary Club members were beginners. Peter Stonehouse and Jay Barroon and other members of Ely Bowls Club provided some coaching and showed the members how the bowls should be chosen, how to hold them and bowl them to good effect.

Ely Standard: Members received help from the club members.Members received help from the club members. (Image: ROSEMARY WESTWELL)

At first, the teams bowled towards large plastic targets and eventually moved to using the jacks (small white balls) that are usually the targets.

Ely Bowls Club has 300 members and bowls are played morning, afternoon, and in the evenings, seven days a week, indoors and outdoors.

For more information about Ely Bowls Club contact:

For more information about the Rotary Club of Ely contact: Members meet on Thursday evenings. The website has details about activities and events.

The Rotary Club also has a Facebook page.

Ely Standard: Rotary members enjoyed the session.Rotary members enjoyed the session. (Image: ROSEMARY WESTWELL)