An Ely-raised film maker has defeated more than 2,500 competitors to win financial backing from the First Flights Film Fund for her first film script.

Rosie Brear, a former Acremont House and Kings Ely student whose parents still live in the city, is the brains behind 'Bloodsuckers', a dark comedy about loneliness and vampires.

"It's first and foremost a comedy," she says, "but it was inspired by cult dark comedies such as 'Flowers' by Will Sharpe.

'Bloodsuckers' uses comedy "as a vehicle for exploring the more sobering theme of loneliness", she explains.

Rosie, who has worked as an actor and now produces films and adverts with the team at MrMr Productions in London, said: “My film is all about living in London in your 20’s, and about how hard it can be to fit in and make friends.

“During the Covid-19 lockdown, I inflicted my undying love of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on my long-suffering housemates.

“They were subjected to multiple seasons over hundreds of hours but agreed to participate in a fan-made home-video to pass the time.

“The film involved me - a wannabe vampire slayer - killing off my housemates one by one.

“Tragically, the film never made it past storyboards, but out of it was born 'Bloodsuckers'.

The film is in advanced pre-production and the cast will feature TV stars Thaddea Graham (Wreck, Sex Education, Doctor Who, Us), Amber Grappy (One Day, The Baby) and Laura Marcus (Bad Education).

Locations have been scouted and selected but remain confidential.

Rosie was coy about whether they might be shooting in Ely but noted “Ely’s wonderful historical buildings and amazing Gothic architecture have always inspired me, so who knows”.

She added: “Bloodsuckers will also be a love letter to my favourite era of film - the late 90s/early 00s.

“Thanks also to amazing support from Kodak and Goldfinch films, we have been donated 16mm stock, plus development and scanning, to help cement our film in that period. This is our 90s teen movie turned hammer horror”.

Although Rosie has worked in film production since 2019, she first trained as an actor at the Drama Centre London.

She appeared on stage and TV, including the award-winning immersive theatre experience Inside Pussy Riot, where she appeared alongside Pussy Riot founder Nadya Tolokonnikov, as The Judge.

Since moving into film production, she has produced videos for artists including Coldplay, Wet Leg, Arlo Parks, Loyle Carner, Rina Sawayama and Self Esteem.

Her previous directing work includes music videos for Orla Gartland, Fizz and Lynks.

Rosie has launched a crowdfunder appeal that offers the opportunity for anyone to apply to support the making of the film and be recognised for doing so.

She said: “Our contact details are on the Greenlit webpage but anyone who supports the making of my film will be named in the film credits.

“And there will opportunities for some supporters to come on set during filming and to attend the premiere.”