A representative from a support scheme for burglary victims over 60 has shared some tips on home security.

According to John Morris, spokesman for the Bobby Scheme, criminal opportunists are less likely to target properties if the risk outweighs the reward.

He recently underscored this point to members of the Rotary Club of Ely during a scheduled talk on May 9 at Ely Bowls Club.

After a burglary involving a person over the age of 60 occurs, local law enforcement immediately contacts the Bobby Scheme.

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The organisation subsequently reaches out to victims, offering free advice and support visits by their group of volunteers, primarily made up of retired police officers.

Anyone requiring further advice or equipment installations can request these services for a nominal fee of £65.

Mr Morris recommended a few critical preventive steps during his talk: refraining from leaving keys in window or door locks, securing the back gate with a padlock, making sure to hide valuables in unexpected locations, and ensuring the home appears inhabited during the homeowner's absence.

A variety of tools and equipment can also deter thieves, including items like ring doorbells, alarms, secure key safes, steel cables, security lights and false cameras, which the Bobby Scheme can install at a small cost.

Moreover, frontline door security is pivotal.

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Morris advised keeping front doors locked during the day and suggested "defensive gardening," recommending the growth of thorny plants, such as holly and pyracantha, to dishearten potential intruders.

He ended by cautioning against dealing with unsolicited phone calls, storing car keys in metal tins to protect against cloning devices, and vouching for approved trade firms like safelocaltrades.com, to steer clear of fraudulent workmen.

The Bobby Scheme is reachable via telephone on 01480 413311, via text message on 07866602100, or via email at info@thebobbyscheme.org.