A major review of royal patronages has resulted in The Stained Glass Museum in Ely retaining its royal endorsement.

The review saw more than 1,000 patronages and charity presidencies undergo scrutiny following His Majesty The King’s Accession in September 2022.

The Stained Glass Museum has emerged as one of the successful charities.

The King's affiliation with the institution dates back to 1999 when he, as HRH The Prince of Wales, became patron of The Stained Glass Museum.

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His Majesty has visited the venue twice, initially in 2000 in recognition of the reopening of the museum’s new gallery, and most recently in November 2018 to celebrate the museum’s 40th birthday.

Jasmine Allen, director of The Stained Glass Museum, said: “His Majesty has a keen interest in the preservation of heritage crafts and his ongoing support as Patron of The Stained Glass Museum will help us keep the art of stained glass in the public eye.

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"This is especially important at this present moment in time when traditional stained glass making has recently been listed as an endangered craft in the UK.”

The evaluation process involved scrutiny with a recommendation put forward based on the history of royal connection, the organisation’s eminence in their field, and its alignment with themes of His Majesty’s work.